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The Crown and Castle

Bed and breakfast terms are available from Sunday to Monday but Friday and Saturday is only sold as a 2-night dinner, bed and breakfast stay. You will never get a better rate than booking through us directly. Please call us on 01394 450205 to make sure you are getting the right package and the best rate available, or use our own booking button, above.

Despite very nice TripAdvisor reviews, we do not make any claims to being a luxury hotel. A more accurate nomenclature would be a restaurant with (21) rooms. Our aim is to offer a relaxing atmosphere with thoughtful, smiling service; interesting food with an authentic British or Italian bias; and simple but comfortable bedrooms with good beds.


Useful Information

CAR PARKING: not only are we 3 spaces short when we are full, our spaces are definitely not commodious. Guests with big 4x4s or van-type vehicles, as well as late-arriving guests, may be asked to use the Castle car park with which we have a special arrangement – it is only 60 metres or so away. Please drop off your luggage at reception first and collect a C&C car parking sticker to display in your windscreen.

WIFI: we offer FREE fibre broadband wifi to those staying with us. We ask guests not to stream or download large files, however, as the bandwidth is still limited and this will affect other guests’ ability to use the service. Please be aware that the use of tablets and mobile phones is actively discouraged during lunch and dinner. (Talk to each other, for ***’s sake!)

DOGS: PLEASE BE AWARE that we must be notified if you are bringing a dog or dogs and you must have booked a Best Garden room. Anyone arriving during May-September who has not done so and intends to leave their dog(s) in the car will be turned away and the usual cancellation charge levied. Our car park is absolutely NOT suitable for dogs to be left in cars as there is no shade and full sun throughout the day.
We welcome a limited number of well-behaved dogs in five designated Best Garden rooms, a few dogs in the bar, and we have one (bookable) doggie table in the restaurant area. If you don’t like dogs,
you will not like this. Please see Booking Information for full details.

CHILDREN: we welcome children of any age in the restaurant at lunchtime but only those over 8 years old in the hotel and at dinner time. Please see Booking Information for full details.